Surgical Dermatology

Dermatologic Surgery and Mohs Surgery

Most experienced Mohs surgeon in Alaska

We perform in-office surgical procedures for the treatment of many skin, hair, and nail conditions. One of the most advanced of these techniques is called Mohs surgery, a highly specialized form of skin cancer surgery with the highest reported cure rate of all possible treatments for specially selected skin cancers. Dr. Ehrnstrom performed the first Mohs surgery procedure ever in Alaska in 1994.

During Mohs surgery, cancerous tissue is removed and microscopically examined to be sure that all “roots” and extensions are eliminated. This surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia in one of Alaska Center for Dermatology’s numerous surgery suites. In a Mohs surgical procedure, the surgeon is also the pathologist, and the tissue is prepared and examined in an on-site CLIA-certified laboratory. Indeed, it is fraudulent to claim to do this procedure if the surgeon and pathologist are not the same person. The Alaska Center for Dermatology is the only medical practice in the Anchorage area with the proper certification to perform Mohs surgery.

Not all skin cancers require Mohs surgery, but some skin cancers can be deceptively larger than they first appear. That is why Mohs surgery tracks and effectively removes a cancer’s roots, while sparing normal tissue. During the surgical procedure:

  • Dr. Ehrnstrom removes small amounts of tissue from the affected area
  • Dr. Ehrnstrom examines the margins of this tissue under a microscope in our on-site laboratory
  • Once the tumor margins are clear, Dr. Ehrnstrom performs surgical reconstruction of the area using plastic surgery techniques including complex closures, flaps, and/or grafts

If this surgery is necessary, rest assured that Dr. Ehrnstrom is the most experienced Mohs surgeon in Alaska and the only dermatologist in Anchorage with this highly specialized and advanced surgical training.

Most insurance policies cover the costs of Mohs surgery and reconstruction of the surgical area. Please contact your insurance company directly for current coverage and payment information. For more information on Mohs surgery please visit our resource page.

Where can I get more information?

A scheduled appointment with a dermatologist is the best place to learn about your skin, but online sources are also great places to begin to learn about Mohs surgery:

American Society for Mohs Surgery
American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

To learn more about dermatologic surgery and Mohs surgery, contact Alaska Center for Dermatology here.