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For your convenience, we offer telemedicine appointments. What is a telemedicine appointment? A telemedicine appointment is a virtual consultation with one of our Providers. You will be able to see your Provider via real-time video, allowing for better visibility between Patient and Provider. 


PocketPatient™ Application


Telemedicine FAQs

How do I join my appointment?

Ensure you have downloaded the PocketPatient application. At the time of your appointment, you will receive a text message inviting you to join the video call with your Provider. To verify your identity, you will need your last name and birthday. Be sure to Agree to the Terms of Service and allow access to your camera and microphone. Then click Join Video Visit 

What if I am going to be late?

You have 10 minutes to join the call after the scheduled time. If you cannot join within that time frame, you will need to call us at 907.646.8500 to reschedule. To avoid delays logging in to your appointment, we recommend you download the application to your device the day before. 

What happens if my call gets disconnected?

Simply log back into the app to rejoin the call.

Do I need Wi-Fi to connect to my appointment?

A stable cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is needed to download the app and participate in the real-time video appointment.