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Laser/Light Therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses light energy to regenerate and repair damaged skin. They work by directing high-intensity light on small, focused spots of concern. Laser treatments are an effective way to treat wrinkles, scars, skin blemishes, blood vessels, unwanted hair, and pigmentation concerns and vary greatly based on the type of laser used.

Your Alaska Center for Dermatology Provider will review your skin concerns and medical history to determine a treatment plan that’s specific to your skin care goals and desired results. These are the laser treatments we offer:

AcuPulse™ CO2 Laser: The AcuPulse is a fractional CO2 laser used for skin resurfacing. It is an excellent treatment for the removal of scars, deep wrinkles, fine lines, as well as treating textural changes on your skin caused by aging.

Cutera® excel® V Laser: This treatment targets red, purple, brown, and blue pigmentations in all skin types and removes pigmented lesions by forcing vascular areas to coagulate. The laser system allows our Providers to customize your treatment depending on your skin type, and the color and depth of your skin concern. It is used to treat angiomas, diffuse redness, bruising, and more.

What to Expect During Your Laser Procedure

Some laser procedures require topical numbing prior to treatment, and your eyes will be protected with safety shields or glasses. The procedure may take a few minutes to half an hour or more, depending on the size of the treatment area and the laser used.

The amount of discomfort varies from patient to patient and depends on the depth of treatment. Many light treatments are often tolerated with no anesthetic at all, but deeper treatments may require topical and/or local anesthetic. Your comfort is our top priority, and your Provider will discuss options for managing any discomfort associated with the procedure.

Is Laser Treatment Risky?

Your Provider will review your medical history to determine any underlying conditions that may impact the type of treatment appropriate for you. They will recommend specific treatment plans that will help you achieve your skin care goals and desired results. Our laser specialists are up to date on the latest in laser technology and will make sure you are always provided with thorough information on the risks associated with any type of laser procedure. After your treatment, you’ll be given complete after-treatment care instructions, as well as a recommended skin care regimen.

Make an appointment to discuss laser treatments or other skin care procedures with an Alaska Center for Dermatology Provider today.